Monday – November 28th, 2016 Meal Costs :-)

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Here’s the recap of our meal costs for today.   This is for two adults:

  • $3.39 Breakfast
  • $1.86 Lunch
  • $1.40 Dinner
  • $6.65 TOTAL for the day

It’s amazing that two adults can eat for a full day for a price that is less than the cost of a extra value meal from McDonalds :-)   Yes, it takes some planning and it takes a little time in the kitchen, but it is so well worth it!

Imagine if two adults ate out for 2 meals each day for 5 days per week for an entire year.  That’s 260 days of eating out.  If each purchased meal for those two adults cost $7 each, then the total cost for the year would be 260 days X $14 (for two adults) = $3,640.

If the same two adults cooked those two meals per day at home at= $ a cost of $2 for each meal, then the cost would be 260 days X $4 (for two adults) = $1.040.

The savings would be $2,600 for the year or over $215 each month!