Happy New Year – Welcome to 2013!

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Good morning!  I’m getting an early start to my 2013 New Year :-)

Today will be filled with many things to do as our family gets things in order from the Christmas and New Years holidays, and gets organized and prepared for going back to school, work and LIFE!  Every year since I can’t remember when, we’ve had the traditional cabbage/corned beef and black-eyed peas for GOOD LUCK.  This year will be no different…. why take a chance? LOL

So, off to Wally World I trudged last night to purchase the items I was missing.  I thought it would be a good idea to document the prices that I paid on 12/31/2012.  So here goes!

Cabbage — Regular $0.53/lb on sale for $0.33/lb — 2 heads total cost $2.20

1 Can of Corned Beef — $4.88

1 Pkg of Dried Black-eyed Peas — $1.38

1 container of herb salad — $3.38

1 box of cornbread mix — $0.50

So today, for our lunch, we’ll be eating a green salad, cabbage & corned beef, black-eyed peas and rice, cornbread, and tea to drink.  I guess what really surprised me was the price for the corned beef @ $4.88 per can.   Actually, I haven’t seen corned beef in the grocery store in about two years!  Last year I couldn’t find any and ended up using ground sausage with cabbage.

The total approximate cost for our meals today (and this will be for lunch and dinner for 3 people) $12.34 – not counting the cost of some seasonings, the tea and some rice.  Not bad at all when comparing to the price of going out to eat!