Frugal Gardening Tips! Building A Raised Bed with FREE Materials

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How do you even get started?  Well, that is a great question and we’re going to talk about some ideas that will help!  First, a raised bed?  What is a “raised bed” garden?    When we talk about a raised bed method of gardening, it means that we are gardening above the normal level of the soil in some sort of container.  The container can be wooden, plastic or made from some other material.   The soil that you are growing in, is contained and raised to prevent soil erosion and to promote good drainage.  Your garden area is separate from the rest of your yard.

The raised bed also help to make it a little easier to stoop over or bend over when you are maintaining your garden or harvesting from garden.  It helps to keep weeds out as well because you have concentrated all of your garden area into one space that you will mulch.  Also, when you are mowing, the raised bed helps to keep grass seed from being blown in.

I highly recommend the raised bed method over the traditional “row” garden method.  But let’s get back to the “how do I get started” question.  Building your 1st raised bed is easy and can cost you nearly nothing at all.  Materials can be unused items you may already have or even free items that are easily obtainable.  I suggest that before you invest a lot of time and money into purchasing materials to build a raised bed, or purchasing a pre-made raised garden, first make a bed out of “FREE” materials and see if raised bed gardening is something that you are really interested in.

First, let’s go back to the definition of a raised bed.  A raised bed is basically a “container” that you build that is higher than the normal soil level.  The two things that we are going to discuss in this post is what materials you’ll need to build the “container” (the raised bed frame) and what materials (soil) you’ll need to fill the “container”.  In this post, we are going to address the actual garden “container” materials – what you can build your garden from.  And more specifically, what FREE materials you can use that make excellent raised beds.  In the next post, we’ll discuss what to use as soil to fill your raised bed.

Raised bed container materials — as I mentioned above, you may already have the materials that you’ll need to build the “container” in your shed!  Or it maybe that you can easily and cheaply obtain items that you can use.  Raised beds can be constructed from many different items – here’s a list of suggestions from raised beds that I’ve seen:

There are so many different options and it really just depends on your preferences or what items you may have available. I’ve tried to give you some inspiration in the ideas and photos above.   Be creative!!