Sunday Dinner – Making Use of Thanksgiving Leftovers (Ham)

Sunday Nov 27, 2016

Today we are making use of leftovers from Thanksgiving :-)

We have large family gatherings for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.  It’s always nice to be able to take the time to spend with our families at the holidays.  And, food is an important part of our celebrations.   To ensure we have enough food for everyone, we always cook much more than what we know we will need.

Part of the cleanup after Thanksgiving dinner was putting away the leftovers.   We always purchase spiral cut hams (bone-in) because they seem to have the best taste.

I package up ham leftovers in ziplock freezer bags with enough to make a pot of beans.  So this year I ended up with 6 packages of ham and 1 package that contained the ham bone with some meat.   I froze all of the packages of ham except for one that I saved in the refrigerator to make a pot of black-eyed peas for today.

So our Sunday dinner costs are as follows:

Pot of Beans:

$1.48 — Great Value Black-eyed Peas from WalMart 16 oz bag

$0.68 — Great Value Diced Tomatoes w/Green Chilies 10 oz can

$0.16 — Chicken Bouillon Cubes (from Sam’s Club) QTY 4 cubes

Dill Weed / Salt for additional seasoning


Rice — I purchase the ParExcellence Premium Rice from Sam’s Club (10 lb or 25 lb).  I found that this is the best rice to pre-cook and then dehydrate to make instant rice.  I re-hydrated 1 cup of rice to go with our black-eyed peas.  I would estimate that the cup of rice costs no more than $0.50.  Next time I purchase rice from Sam’s to make instant rice with, I will price out the exact costs per cup.

After eating dinner, we have enough food for another meal – which we’ll be having for lunch tomorrow :-)    So, the total cost per person per meal was approximately 70 cents :-)   I didn’t count the cost of the ham since it was just leftover from Thanksgiving.   I love costing out the price of our meals and then comparing it to the cost of going out to eat.  It’s amazing how much money you can save by cooking your meals and eating at home.

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