Saving Water…. STEP 1

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There are plenty of places in your home where water can be saved.  The first change you should make is in the bathroom which is where 60% of your home water usage takes place!  And in particular, in the shower where if your shower head is older than 1992, you could be using up to 70% more water than you really need.  You see, shower fixtures, especially older ones, are water wasters.  They can actually use up to 8 gallons per minute! What if I told you that you could replace your old shower head with one that was much more efficient….. and only used 1.5 gallons per minute!  New technology exists today that makes the new efficient shower heads have the same “feel” and pressure as the old models but they consume much less water.

Now, let’s talk real numbers here — if you typically take a 5 minute shower every day (which is extremely FRUGAL compared to the length of time most people shower), with the old shower head you could be consuming 40 gallons of water.  With the new efficient shower head, you’re only going to be using 7.5 gallons of water.  Now, let’s multiply that amount of water savings by 365 days per year for a typical family of 4 people (32.5 gallons per person per day X 365 days per year X average household of 4 people)  That’s a savings of over 47,000 gallons of water!  Yikes!

We’re not talking just about saving water either – you don’t take cold showers do you?  No, about 1/2 of the water that you use in the shower is probably heated water.  So, this will also save you energy because you will not have to heat as much water for each shower.

In my online search, I found this shower head at Ace Hardware that is a water efficient model and only uses 1.5 gpm (yet feels like 2.5 gpm).

Delta Water® Amplifying Shower Head (75155)

The price is only $15.49 for this shower head — talking about a quick, easy and cheap way to save water!  Awesome!