So Ready for Spring – So Is Your Checkbook! How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill This Spring!

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Spring sky and burgeon in snow

I am absolutely loving this warmer weather!  After being “cooped up” inside for most of the cold wind, it’s so nice to have some warm days and sunny skies.

In this post, I’m going to talk about using this great weather to save you some $$ on the power bill when it arrives next month.

So before we step outside, let’s look at some of the ways that this springtime weather and warmer temperatures can save you INSIDE your home.  First, open the windows!  Yes, bring the clean, warmer, and drier air inside your home.  First, turn off your A/C and heating unit.  I like to open a couple of windows, place fans in them and create a flow of fresh air through my home.   I do this by opening a few windows on one end of the house with fans blowing the air IN, then I open a few windows on the other end of the house, and use fans to pull the air to the outside.   Even if the air is a little cooler, its invigorating and encourages you to move around and even get some of that spring cleaning done.  It’s a great time to dust as well because you’ll help to remove the dust from your home via its exit through your windows.

If it’s warm enough outside, just keep your windows open for as long as you can to pull the fresh cool air in and save on your electric bill and air conditioning costs.  I’ve found that having a few windows open at night and a couple of fans pulling in the fresh, cool air will keep my home at a nice temperature for most of the following day.   Then it’s only a few hours (from about 2 PM till dusk) that my home begins to warm up before it starts cooling down again when the sun goes down.  I have saved a good bit of money in spring by doing this until the actual hot summertime finally arrives.

Now on to the outside…. I don’t know about you, but it’s so nice to be able to enjoy being in the yard again after a long winter.  I believe it’s good for the soul to move around, plant some flowers and vegetables and enjoy the sunshine.  It’s also a great time to plan activities in the back yard like cooking out or grilling out.  No need in running the stove or oven inside – be creative and plan a few meals that you can cook outside over a little campfire!  This is a great time to be able to wind down from a long, busy and stressful week as well.  There are several websites that you can search for camping or cooking outdoor type recipes that are easy to cook.  Of course, you can even use some of the branches and sticks that you’ve picked up that have broken and fallen over the winter.


One of the things I love the most is being able to hang my laundry outside again in the spring!  And saving money by not running the dryer is a good thing too.  You may have read in other posts on my blog about how I prepare my laundry to dry so that it is not stiff.  If not, here’s a quick explanation:  wash your laundry in the washing machine as you normally would, use vinegar in place of fabric softener in your little blue ball, and then toss your laundry in the dryer for a quick 10 minutes – just enough to heat the clothes up and soften them before hanging up to finish air drying.  Not only will your clothes and towels be soft when they have finished drying, but they will also be wrinkle free!

What are some of your best ideas for activities and saving money in the spring?  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave your comments below 🙂

Let’s Save on Heating Costs! (A ‘HOW TO’) And Other Benefits of Turning Your Thermostat DOWN A Few Degrees in the Winter

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Here we are – in the middle of January 2017.  This is usually the coldest time of the year for most of us in the U.S. and North America.  Today I would like to post some information about lowering your heating costs.  I know that most of us have heard that we need to turn our thermostat down in the winter time to save energy and money.  And, I definitely agree.

 But now let’s discuss a little more in depth about turning your thermostat down.  First, I would recommend that you purchase a programmable thermostat.  That way, you can set it and forget about it.   There are thermostats available that will allow you to program your desired temperature based on a weekly schedule.  So, when you are away at work you will not be heating the house and wasting energy and money.  The thermostat will also automatically lower the temperature when you are sleeping and then raise it a few degrees just before you wake up.  There are so many benefits to automating and controlling the temperature in your home that will pay for your investment in a short period of time.  But I’ll post more about the programmable thermostat in a later post.

Now let’s discuss some of the benefits of turning your thermostat down a few degrees.   The first benefit of course is lowering your heating costs.  You’ll consume and pay for less energy.  Tests have shown that you will see a difference in your utility bill if you lower your home’s temperature for just four hours a day.  That’s the equivalent to getting money deposited into your account!  According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s web site (  you can save about 5 percent to 15 percent per year on your heating bill by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours (1% for each degree).  That is a significant cost savings for your family.   There are other estimates published that say you can save up to 3% per degree that you turn your thermostat down.

What about other benefits – other than heating costs?  Yes, there are other “hidden” benefits to turning your thermostat down!

  1. YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT!  Yes!  (I found this information at  “Your energy expenditure increases as the temperature drops so you burn more calories or roughly 100 more a day. This increased energy can translate into an extra 3500 calories burned in just a few weeks. This means you would lose one pound.”  Now that’s a great benefit!
  2. YOU WILL SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT – You will get a much most restful night’s sleep with the temperature a few degrees cooler.
  3. EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER – yes!  If you drop the temperature in your home below 65 degrees, these large appliances will not have to work as hard to keep your food cold or frozen.
  4. HELP YOUR HOUSEPLANTS – yes, by dropping the temperature below 75 degrees, your houseplants will live longer thru the winter months.

So that’s a total of 5 great reasons to lower your thermostat during the winter months.    My next post will be focused on how to go about lowering your thermostat so that you can get the most benefit!  Stay tuned.