Time to DITCH the Landline?

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Most people nowadays have cell phones that they use to stay connected.  Actually, cell phones have become one of the greatest communication devices in the last century.  With cell phones, we can stay connected and in touch 24/7.   With the portability of cell phones, it doesn’t really matter where you go – to the store shopping, to visit family, or even on vacation, you are just as connected as if you were sitting at home by the landline.

For some people, it’s just hard to give up the landline that they’ve had for the last 30 years or so.   It’s inconvenient to have to change phone numbers and notify places that you do business with, your neighbors, your relatives and your friends.   But, if you have a plan, it is something that you can accomplish quite easily.    How?

Here’s the plan – first, go thru your written phone listing that you have hanging by the landline.   Make sure that you notify these individuals and businesses of your new cell phone number and add these phone numbers to your cell phone contacts.   Then, as bills arrive in the mail or you pay them online, go to your account information or profile and make sure that you update your phone number for each of these accounts as well.  Now, here’s the part that is going to take a little more thought – over the next 30 days, all of the people and businesses that you call and receive calls from, notify them and let them know of your cell phone number.  Then lastly, add these phone numbers to your contact list on your cell phone.

Of course, going forward, you are going to find that you may not have notified everyone of your new phone number.  But, when you run across those, make sure that you let them know and also add their names and phone numbers to your contact list in your cell phone.

I personally have an iPhone.  I make sure that I use iCloud app so that when I update my contact list on my phone, it also updates in the “cloud”.   Then I am sure that if I lose my phone or it malfunctions or breaks, I can easily retrieve all of my contact information and not lose anyone’s phone number.

One of the good points about cell phones is that a phone call is a phone call – it doesn’t matter what area code you are calling – unlike the days of “long distance” on land lines.  Also another feature that I use a good deal is text messaging.   For me, text messaging is a great tool to save me time – if I do not have time to get on the phone with someone, I can quickly text them and receive a quick and short reply back.

Have you ditched your landline and now solely use your cell phone?   What about text messaging?  I’d love to hear your comments below.  Also, if there are additional tips that you have and would like to share, please do 🙂