Are You UP For A New Challenge?

Monday Sep 20, 2010

Over in the “How To Be Frugal With Food” blog, we’re working on a “Organize Your Pantry” Challenge right now.  I’ve very excited about how the challenge is going and I am excited about getting my pantry organized, cleaned and “in order”.  This will make everyday life so much easier for me when it comes to cooking.

But on the rest of the home front, I have other things I need to tackle as well.  I basically need to do to the rest of the house what I did in the pantry!  So, I’m starting the WHOLE HOUSE DECLUTTER CHALLENGE later this week.  We’re going to tackle one room at a time and clean, declutter, organize and decorate.

Our objective in the “Whole House Declutter Challenge” is going to be to streamline the contents of every room in our house.   We’ll work room-by-room until we  have the entire house completed.   When we are finished, each room is going to be clean and organized.  The rooms will be free from clutter.  This is going to make our lives easier and less stressful.  When you have alot of clutter in your home, you also have alot of clutter in your mind.   Cleaning becomes a difficult task and ends up being a chore that we just keep putting off.  That only makes things worse.

How can decluttering the house be frugal?  Great question!  Decluttering your house is going to help you save money and make money at the same time….

  • How many times have you looking for a particular item knowing that you have that item somewhere in your home?  And for some reason, you just can’t find it!  It’s because it doesn’t have a “home”…. you know that saying about “everything in its place”, right?  Well, because you can’t find the item, you end up going to the store and purchasing another.   So having a cluttered home will cost you money!
  • If you have a cluttered home, it’s hard to find things.  So you spend alot of time just “looking” for items.  Well, wouldn’t you rather spend that time doing something else?  So, an uncluttered home costs you extra time – so get frugal with your time as well as your money and declutter your home!
  • On the topic of time, the more you have, the more you have to clean and dust…. so it even takes you longer to clean!  Not very time frugal at all.
  • Have you ever looked for an item only to find an item that you didn’t remember that you had?  Yes, that has happened to me too!
  • Decluttering your home can also make you some quick $$$.  How?  Easy, as we’re decluttering, we’re making decisions about the necessity of items in our homes.  If you get back to the bare minimum of items that you actually need and use on a regular basis, you find that you have so many “extra” items that someone else might pay money for.  You can sell these items on ebay, Craigslist and in the newspaper classified.

Our challenge will begin on Friday, Sept 24.  Let’s get off to a great start this weekend with our new challenge.  It’s the first step that will be the hardest…. but when you see the results of decluttering your first room, that will motivate you to move on to the next room.

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