This is a great question.  And it's one that everyone needs to ask themselves.  In the last 10 years or so, here in the United States we've enjoyed a very privileged, fairly easy life for the most part.  Most families have been able to find employment, afford housing, been able to pay their bills, even been able to drive pretty decent vehicles too.  

But times are changing.  So many people have lost their jobs and are now trying to make it off of unemployment.  I personally know several people who have been unemployed for over 1 year now.  Work is hard to find.  And the jobs they could find are way below what they are capable of, not to even count the fact that these jobs pay less than the unemployment compensation they can receive (and that's not alot of money!)

How many people do you know who are currently unemployed?  Do you know friends or relatives who have possibly lost their homes?

So, why be frugal?  

#1 reasonIn times that we have, we need to save for the times that we have not.  

I'm sure everyone has always heard the saying that "if I knew then what I know now."  I'm sure if we could go back in time, there's quite a few things we might change in our lives.  Maybe you wouldn't have made that new car purchase with the hefty monthly note or left that stable job for a job opportunity that was a bit more "risky".  Maybe we would have played it safe instead with our life choices.  Well, there's never a better time than now to start thinking smart and playing it safe!

#2 reason:  Why waste?  Why just throw money away?

Yes, you're just throwing money away every day.  And the sad thing is that you probably don't even realize it!  We've grown so accustomed to living in a disposable world.  No longer do we "fix" things - we just throw the item away and go and buy a new one.

When we think with a "disposable" attitude, not only are we throwing money away, but we're polluting the environment so fast that it might never be able to be cleaned up.  So what kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?

There is a great online documentary movie entitled:  The Story of Stuff.  I encourage everyone to watch it.  It will change the way you look at wants versus needs.

#3 reason:  We can live/survive on so much less than we currently consuming.

Think back about 10 years or 20 years ago.  Think back to a time when you didn't have all of the luxuries in life.  Maybe you can remember the small apartment that you started out in after high school or college.  Was it an efficiency, a one-bedroom, or maybe it was just a garage apartment that you rented out from someone.  Take a minute and think back in time.

I can remember not having enough pots & pans - I would have to cook one item, then wash the pot so I could cook the second item we were having for a meal!  

Paper towels:  I can remember growing up when we didn't have paper towels.  They were definitely the "luxury" disposable item.  But my mom wouldn't dare waste money on them when you have dishrags LOL   And we didn't use paper towels for the window cleaning - we used pages from an old newspaper.

We only had 1 bathroom in my home when I was growing up.  And, that was for 3 daughters and a mom & dad!  But we made it.   Only the "rich" people had 2 bathrooms LOL

How much less do you think you can live/survive on?  

#4 reason:  LESS STRESS!

Everyone understands this, right?  If you are not stressed because of money problems, then everything else in your life seems to be so much better.

If we get give of the stress in our lives, we are happier, we are nicer to those around us, and we live longer, healthier lives.

#5 reason:  If we are more frugal, then we have less clutter in our lives.

And I'm not just talking about "stuff", I'm talking about the clutter in our minds.  If we're frugal, then we've planned for the future.  There are not many surprises because we are in control.  Just a few minutes spent planning will benefit you with days of calmness and security.

Now let's talk about the clutter "stuff" - and yes, I mean all the crap you have filling up and junking up your home.  When our environment is filled with clutter, we're more likely NOT at peace in our minds as well.  Think I'm wrong?  Well, take one room - completely declutter and simplify that one room.  Get back to the basics.  Make it easy to clean - sell those whatnots on ebay.  You'll find that when you enter this room, you have a feeling of peacefulness and calm.  Then, leave that room and walk into the junky-est room in your home.  Do you feel the stress and anxiety?



#6 reason:  Pay off your debt and/or save for a special purchase!

By living a frugal lifestyle, you can use the money that you'd normally be throwing away to pay down your debt.  If you've gotten to the point where your debt is low, maybe you can save for a special purchase or a frugal vacation.  This is a great way to reward yourself when you've reached your goal.

#7 reason:  Your kids will follow your example....

If you're blowing money like there's no tomorrow, chances are your kids will grow up and follow in your footsteps.  This is not good parenting.  If you want to be a better parent, teach your children by example.  Show them how to save, how to live simple and happy lives.  Don't get them hooked on the "disposable lifestyle" merry-go-round that most Americans have become so accustomed to.  Your children will respect you more now and will thank you in the future!

#8 reason:  Learn to share....

I almost wasn't going to include this, but decided that I would.  But I have to make caution.... any time you borrow something, make sure you return that item back to its owner in a timely fashion and in its original or even better condition.  Always expect the same of those that you lend to.

Sure you'll have a couple of cases of things not working out when you lend something to someone.  Just never lend something that you couldn't do without.  If it's that important of an item to you, then go with the item and help the friend by lending yourself and your time too.

Learning to share items that you do not use everyday is a great way to be frugal.  Some items are high dollar items and are maybe only used a couple of times a year at most.  You'll find that these are not the items that you should be purchasing.  Either find a friend who has one and borrow it from him/her or even possibly go and rent the item.

#9 reason:  Being frugal will save you time!

Yes, it will.... How you might ask?  Easy, here are some of the ways:

  • Less time paying bills

  • You will develop "routines" and get things done faster

  • You will have less "clutter" to clean and get to spend more time on the things you'd rather be doing

  • If you are frugal and prepared for the future, you just might be able to retire earlier!  Now that's a time-saver!

  • Being frugal will mean that you are prepared and have direction - no longer will you be "re-doing" something.  Who hates to have to re-do a chore?  It takes time and it's aggravating!

#10 reason:  It's a challenge to be frugal and can be alot of fun for both you and all of your family members!

One way that I am frugal is by clipping and using coupons at the grocery store (and everywhere I can find to use them).  I have to say, I get a thrill when I see the original total of my purchase, then watch all of the coupons come off to reveal the amount I owe and I realize the amount I saved.  

When you can fix something with your own hands and make it useable again, instead of buying a new one, you've saved alot of money.  The more you repair and make do, the more fun it can be.

I hope that you've found my list of "reasons" helpful in convincing you to live a more frugal lifestyle.

What is your #1 reason for wanting to live a frugal, simple life?  I'd love to know... email me!


Last Updated:  November 12th, 2016